Tuesday, January 31, 2012

my WIPs

I hope you had a wonderful week full of progress on your WIPs. My week was pretty good.

I finished working on my Stars in Your Eyes quilt. I expected to work on this quilt a lot longer than I did but it turned out not to be as complicated and intricate as I thought at first. You can read more about it here.

I'm also very excited about my first few attempts at foundation paper piecing. Boy, is that addictive!!! I absolutely love all those perfect points and straight lines. I first started with a simple block using Tamiko's template.

Then I was time for more challenging blocks.

First it was flying geese using what is now my very favorite fabric line Half Moon Modern by Moda, and Kona Ash. I am so happy with how this block turned out. It was not easy or quick as I had to rip out a lot of seams and redo one part of the block completely, but it was so worth it. I'm going to turn this block into a pillow. It will live in our family room/ dining room/ my sewing room.

This teapot block (using Ayumi's template) was not as successful as the flying geese one, but I still kind of like it. It's much smaller and that made it a lot harder to get all those skinny pieces of fabric to line up properly. I'm thinking of making a potholder out of this guy and I'm hoping that once it's quilted all its imperfections will be less visible. Also, I'm going to go with patterned fabric for the background, next time. Yes, there's going to be a next time. Because, I am so hooked!!!

So, that's what I managed to sew this week. The rest of my projects are untouched, my Single Girl quilt is one week closer to being a UFO again. I wish I could just make myself finish it and be done. But, I'D RATHER BE PAPER PIECING!!!

Have  a wonderful day, Svetlana.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

stars in your eyes, all finished

Yay!!! My Stars in your Eyes - a cross between traditional and modern - quilt is finished!!!

I used a pattern by Sarah Fielke from her new book Quilting... from little things. It's such a fantastic book full of beautiful quilts.

It was not an easy quilt to make since all the inset seams can be a little tricky, but it was the first quilt where I did not self-impose some crazy deadline on myself and then rushed through the process. That's probably why I enjoyed it so much. I actually did not really want to finish it. It was like reading a good book. You want to see how the book ends, yet you feel a little sad when it's over.

These are the two of my very favorite stars. I used a lot of different fabrics from my stash, so I'm not even going to attempt to mane them all here. You can see all the stars in more detail here and here. The only fabric I bought specifically for this quilt was the one I used for the border (it's by Amy Butler from her Love collection).

I used a Shabby Chic sheet I bought at Target a while ago for the backing. I've loved that sheet for such a long time, it was so tempting to put it on our bed, but I simply could not imagine what the expression on my husband's face would be if our bed was covered in pink flowers?!?!

I decided to quilt around the outline of the stars as well as the inset diamonds. I did not want to quilt inside the stars themselves, I felt like I would lose some of their charm so I used a white six strand embroidery floss and  tied it inside each star.

I had a very hard time deciding on the binding. I usually go with darker colored binding, but it did not work well this time. I pulled out almost half of my stash and finally decided to go with this white and green small polka dot fabric, and since the whole quilt is so scrappy, I added some white and purple polka dot to the mix.

Here it is, nicely folded, after it came out of the drier.

I love nicely folded quilts, but what I love even more is those quilts in action. Because, that's really what we make them for, right? I'm glad to say that my Stars in your Eyes is getting plenty of action already.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Svetlana

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