Wednesday, November 18, 2015

tomte + advent calendar

Scandinavian Stitches, a super adorable book by amazingly talented Kajsa (syko), was among the very first books I bought when I started sewing a few years back. It's full of happy, whimsical seasonal projects and I've had my eye on tomte - scandinavian elf right from the beginning. Somehow though, I never got around to making one. Until now, that is.

Isn't he the sweetest? We named him Cloud. Yes, we do name pretty much everything in our house :). A great big thank you goes to super talented Mary for inspiring me to finally make this cutie after seeing Mary make hers on IG.

Oh, and see that advent calendar behind Cloud? This was yet another project on my list for a very long time. And it's done now, ready to be filled up with goodies soon, yay!

I didn't follow a pattern to make it, it was one of those making it up as I go projects and I do quite like how it all turned out. 

And, because I know somebody will ask, I used this calendar fabric for my numbers and fused them to pockets before stitching them on. Easy peasy. 

Also, here's the link to tiny trees garland, and Christmas quilt  in case you're interested. 

So, tell me. Are you doing any Christmas sewing yet?



  1. Darling little Christmas corner you have there! And no, I'm not sewing for Christmas yet....I rarely face Christmas AT ALL until after Thanksgiving....That's my tradition. ;-)

  2. I was sewing up some Christmas hearts and houses yesterday in fun fabrics. I do want to have a go at your trees though, in fact I can see me making several of these as presents. Thank you for sharing. x

  3. Your Tomte needs a beard! I love him, he's so sweet!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I think that your Tomte needs a wonderful bride) He is, for sure so sweet! Calendar is also awesome! My writer at adore this post a well!


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