quiet scrap eater {all finished}

I started this little quilt one afternoon a few days back completely on a whim, as I was trying to avoid thinking about what to make for dinner :). And, before I knew it, I dumped my scrap buckets on the floor and started sorting - I wanted to use only low volume prints but once I made a few blocks I decided some additional color would bring more interest to the finished quilt.

Just like with my Scrap Eater quilt, I followed this tutorial to make my blocks. I very highly recommend you give it a try if you want to use up some of your scraps in quite a short period of time. Every time I make these blocks I'm amazed at how quickly they come together.

I was originally planning on making a lap sized quilt but once I made 13 blocks I was done. I decided to do a 3 x 4 layout and added strips of fabric to the sides to make the finished quilt a little wider (my blocks were 12.5" square before sewing them together).

I think this lovely berry backing fabric is such a fun contrast to the quilt top. Plus, it's super super soft and it gives the quilt a wonderful drape.

I did a random grid quilting (this might be my very favorite quilting pattern at the moment). I really like how quilting sort of disappears into the patchwork and does not compete with all the craziness that's already going on here :). 

I then I used this wider striped fabric for the binding. I love how it not only frames all the scrappy blocks, it also contrasts so very nicely with the berry backing. Definitely a win win.

This Quiet Scrap Eater quilt finished at 44" x 48" and all the pictures were taken after the quilt was washed and tumble dried.