Wednesday, August 19, 2015

monochrome lunch bag

So, the kids are back at school and it's just me and the cats, and my sewing machine of course :). And I'm really looking forward to having a few hours of uninterrupted sewing each day. Lucky me.

I thought I'd be doing lots of back to school sewing these last few days, but there actually was no need for it. The other day I picked out some super fun boyish fabric, decided on a design (after spending hours on Pinterest), and was about to make my son a new lunchbag, when he suddenly told me he really, really, REALLY!!! didn't want a handmade lunchbag. Whaaat?!?! And he was fine with his old pencil pouch that still looked great, so no pouch needed either. Seriously!

But since I was already all fired up and in lunchbag - making - mood, I decided to change things up and make a girly lunchbag instead. After all, my two girls love using lunchbags I made for them last year so I was sure I'd find takers for this one as well :).

I based the design on Ellen's lovely lunchbag but I changed the dimensions to make it smaller and I added a super handy mesh pocket to hold ice. I think I'll be adding these to every lunchbox from now on.

I used a combination of Essex Linen and Monochrome cotton/linen blend fabric which I absolutely adore. I might have to make myself a tote bag using this fabric combo some day soon.

Hope your day is going great as well. Svetlana


  1. I love your fabric choices on all your projects. I just received my pink/gold Maker plaid which you used on one of your bags. I wish you have an online shop for fabric. I already have some of your patterns. Don't feel bad about your son not wanting a handmade lunch bag. I still remember when my son was not even four years old and he did not want to wear his red raincoat with the big red and black check lining because I had one exactly like his. Sometimes sons are not as fun as the daughters I never had.

  2. Fabulous bag - love the fabric and with the ice pocket it's perfect for picnic food too. I think there always comes a time when children start to think they are too big for anything handmade by mum. My daughter decided at the age of seven that she would dearly love for me to take her into a store to buy a dress. I had made all her clothes up until then but she just wanted to be like her little friends and go shopping :)

  3. So funny. Don't you dare make him a handmade lunch bag, mom! ;-) This one turned out terrific though and I like the 'ice' pocket!

  4. will add to my to do list, not that I have children even the grandchild is a young lady but will find lots of other uses for it

  5. Very pretty! It's such a pretty combination of fabrics!

  6. Ps Time with your sewing machine and cats sounds awesome!


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