Monday, February 16, 2015

PJs and a rainbow

Hello, happy Monday friends. Did you have a good weekend? I hope you had some time to relax and take things easy. And do some sewing, of course. I was actually quite surprised at how much I managed to accomplish. It must by all that horrible cold weather that makes us stay in and pushes me towards my sewing machine. Poor me, right ??? :)

 I've been planning on making a new pair of pajama pants for my son for months. Somehow though sewing clothes is never on my priority list so I kept putting it off :(. And then, other day, I suddenly noticed his old PJs (I made a few pairs for him about two years ago) were ridiculously short by now so I knew it was finally time. And once I got in the groove of making these super quick pants I made not just one, but three pairs in one evening.

 I used this pattern which I bought ages ago and all the fabric was from my stash, definitely a win win combination.

And then I played with some rainbow.  I must admit, this color gradation is definitely not my strong point. I had no idea getting a decent rainbow was so tricky :).

 I'm testing a pattern for Nicole Mama Love Quilts and I'm planning on turning this happy patchwork into a pillow. I'll share pictures of the finished pillow once Nicole is ready to release her pattern.

On a random note, I even managed to hang my Improv Logs quilt up on the wall. I love how it looks in our hallway. And, it took me "only" seven months to finally get it done :).

Here's to a great, super creative week. Svetlana


  1. Your hanging quilt looks perfect in the hallway! What method did you use to hang the quilt?

  2. Svetlanko, jeste chvili bude u vas zima a tvuj sici stroj se zavari :) Pyzamkove kalhoty jsou super!!! Mej se pekne, Jola

  3. What sweet pajama pants! Hopefully he won't outgrow these anytime soon:). The quilt looks fantastic hanging in your wall. Just lovely!!!!

  4. I LOVE making pjs! These look like they will be loved and worn just as much as the last ones! And your wallhanging looks amazing and right at home there in your hallway! Jxo

  5. Love your Improv Logs quilt. It looks lovely in your hall.

  6. Yes. The wallhanging looks wonderful. And like a previous comment--how did you hang it on the wall?
    I have a friend who--can you believe it?--staples hers on the wall with an ordinary stapler! She says it doesn't make lasting holes, hangs securely, and is easy to take down if you want to rotate it with another.
    The pjs are cute as well.

  7. Love the Improv Logs. And I've come from your email feed to ask the same question. Dam that quilt's hanging flat!

  8. Love the improv logs in the hallway!! And so fun to have you testing Nicole's pattern too - very pretty!

  9. This winter is crazy! But those jammies look nice and warm. I love the wall hanging! Its perfect for that spot!


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