PJs and a rainbow

Hello, happy Monday friends. Did you have a good weekend? I hope you had some time to relax and take things easy. And do some sewing, of course. I was actually quite surprised at how much I managed to accomplish. It must by all that horrible cold weather that makes us stay in and pushes me towards my sewing machine. Poor me, right ??? :)

 I've been planning on making a new pair of pajama pants for my son for months. Somehow though sewing clothes is never on my priority list so I kept putting it off :(. And then, other day, I suddenly noticed his old PJs (I made a few pairs for him about two years ago) were ridiculously short by now so I knew it was finally time. And once I got in the groove of making these super quick pants I made not just one, but three pairs in one evening.

 I used this pattern which I bought ages ago and all the fabric was from my stash, definitely a win win combination.

And then I played with some rainbow.  I must admit, this color gradation is definitely not my strong point. I had no idea getting a decent rainbow was so tricky :).

 I'm testing a pattern for Nicole Mama Love Quilts and I'm planning on turning this happy patchwork into a pillow. I'll share pictures of the finished pillow once Nicole is ready to release her pattern.

On a random note, I even managed to hang my Improv Logs quilt up on the wall. I love how it looks in our hallway. And, it took me "only" seven months to finally get it done :).

Here's to a great, super creative week. Svetlana