Sunday, December 21, 2014

more pouches

Lately I've been kind of obsessed with making pouches. Especially the ones with metal zippers.

I made these super simple pouches to fit my 6" metal zippers which I bought here. And, just like with the pouches I made for my daughter's friends, I didn't follow any specific pattern. I simply cut my fabric 1" wider than the length of zipper x 4.5" and rounded the corners using a cup as a template. Very scientific, I know :).

I also added a 2" tab and a ring to the side of the pouch because I like the extra added detail. 
 Turns out it's a perfect size for my new favorite seam ripper and thread clipper, yay :)

And, while we are on topic of pouches, have you seen Chase's new fantastic tutorial for window zipper pouches? I gave it a try a while back and absolutely love this fun unique pouch. 

Chase's directions are well written with tons of clear pictures which made making this pouch a breeze. The only thing I changed was the way I attached the binding - I prefer attaching the binding first to the back and then finishing it off on the front.

I'm pretty sure I'll be making more of these cuties as they are perfect for storing lots of different supplies. I do hope you give it a try, too. You won't be disappointed.

Hope you all have a very lovely rest of the weekend. Svetlana


  1. These are fab S! Clear pockets make keeping all our bits of nonsense organised so much easier! Jxo

  2. Svetlanko, nenudis se! Mas je kouzelne. Souhlasim, kapsicek neni nikdy dost a ty s pruhlednym okenkem... videla jsem u Chase a jsou na mem seznamu :)
    Mej kouzelne dny, Jola

  3. What is it about pouches that makes us want more and more!:)

    The one with the window is could even put some grommets on one side so they fit in a binder!:)

  4. Cute! Cute! Cute! I am so glad you posted the link for the pouch....I have seen a couple on IG. Thanks!

  5. I love your pouches! The window pouch is so much fun. I will have to try this.

  6. It's so cute!:)

  7. Love the zipper pouches! I am jealous you can get ikea fabric because the closest store is 2 hours away so I give my husband a list when he's nearby at a work meeting.

    The window pouch is adorable! Love those kitties!

  8. I love the ability to just throw something together like this, your pouches look great :o)

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