double wedding ring {the beginning}

Last night I started a new quilt - a double wedding ring quilt.

I'm using a free pattern by Freespirit (for some reason the only way to find it is by googling double wedding ring freespirit, don't waste you time looking for it on their website). I gave this pattern two trial runs already. I turned one into this pillow, the other one is a wall hanging.

I'm using mostly scraps for the arches, although I'm pretty sure I'll dig into my stash just to add a little variety to these fun blocks.

I now have 16 arches finished, only 64 more to go :) And then, once the quilt top is all finished, I would very much like to hand quilt it. Let's hope my fingers and wrists will be up for it. Fingers crossed.

Wishing you all a very fun, restful, and creative weekend. Svetlana