change of plans

OK, now I know for sure. Improvisation, no pattern, and a fuzzy picture of a finished project in my head turns out not to be the best approach when it comes to purse making. Yesterday I shared a snapshot of what was supposed to be my next everyday purse.  

Well, after spending some time thinking (unsuccessfully, I might add) about how to install a zipper in what turned out to be a bag that was too short for my needs, I decided to change the plan completely. I always try to remember that I sew for fun and relaxation, and when it gets to the point when I'm actually getting stressed by what I'm working on, it's time to re-evaluate.

So, first I went to Amazon and ordered myself a beautiful new purse (oh, Amazon, how I love thee).  And then I turned a would be purse into a small tote bag.

Its size and shape are actually great for carrying my sewing supplies,

or maybe my knitting or crochet projects.  And, even though the final result is not exactly what I had in mind, I'm really glad I went ahead and finished it.

 Because, I really like this neon piping, and double sided handles, and the chunky stitches. All in all, not such a bad experience.

How about you? Do you ever start a project and along the way it turns into something quite different?

Wishing you all a very lovely weekend.