planning and plotting

The yellow, green, aqua, and gray color combo keeps me awake at night. It's been constantly on my mind since I made this fabric bucket. So I've put together this giant stack of fabric and hope to cut into it this weekend. 

At first I thought of doing a simple patchwork like I did in this quilt. But now I'm thinking triangles?!?! I'm pretty sure those tricky, pesky triangles will look amazing in this color scheme.

And now that the kids are back at school and go to bed at much more decent time, I'm looking forward to spending more time working on my Irish Chain quilt.

Oh, I so enjoy the slow, repetitive, meditative process of hand quilting.

Plus, these two ladies and our adorable creature are keeping me a company tonight. Aaaaah!!!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Svetlana