improv quilt a la Denyse Schmidt

My little boy's quilt is all finished! As I mentioned before it started with a pattern by Denyse Schmidt. I loved her quilt, but hated all the templates and instructions included. I decided to use a stack and slash method to make my blocks which worked out really well.

This is what the quilt top looked like, all pieced together. It looked pretty crazy and random to me, and the fact that I usually work with brighter fabrics made me question myself a lot. I kept asking my son if he was sure that he liked it, I kept asking the girls (to the point that they tried to avoid even looking at my design wall). What finally helped was my husband coming home from work, and without me asking, said he liked the colors and pattern of the quilt I was working on. Phew! Peace at last.

I upcycled my son's old minky blanket and used it as a quilt back.

I did not do any heavy quilting as I wanted the whole quilt to stay very soft and cuddly. I went with both hand and machine quilting -  I hand quilted inside each middle part of the block and machine quilted along the sides of the main blocks.

I used green striped fabric to bind the quilt which I think frames these improv blocks pretty nicely. The quilt finished at  44 " x 51" a perfect size for a little boy. I'm happy to say it's getting a lot of use every day.

In case you're interested in making a similar quilt, I'm working on a tutorial showing how I made my blocks and will post it in the next couple of days.

Have a wonderful rest of the day, Svetlana.

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