stacked books quilt

A while ago I asked you to help me decide on the layout for this quilt. A huge thank you to everyone who left me a comment, I really appreciate all your input. And you know what? Your votes were pretty much split in half.

I could see pros and cons in both layouts, but at the end I decided to use all the blocks for the front of the quilt. There were a few reasons for that. I knew that the only sashing I'd considered using would have been white and since this quilt is for a child I was not sure if more white would be a wise way to go. Also, I wanted to use an adorable Sanrio sheet for the backing, it looked good the way it was, cutting into it and setting another row of stacked books would take away from its cuteness.

So, the layout #2 was the one I went with and I'm glad I did.  I echo quilted around each block, and bound the quilt using Kona tangerine. I think it makes for a happy, bright, cheerful, and very soft and cuddly quilt.

The blocks were made by the lovely ladies in Trust Circle of do.Good Stitches and the quilt is now washed and ready to be sent off. I really hope this quilt brings a smile to a child who receives it.