Crochet pillow cover!

Do you remember my efforts to learn to crochet? I started following Crochet School over at Craftyminx, but I  only got as far as the 7th lesson (there were about 20 lessons all together). Surprisingly, even with so little knowledge, no previous experience, and the help of one more book I managed to finish this. My. very. own. crochet. pillow. cover!

I really, really like how it turned out. But, being a sewer rather then a crocheter (is that really a word?) I went with fabric backing. I think it matches the style of crocheted side really well.

And so now this little guy lives with other gazillion pillows I made in our living room. I just counted, we have 14 throw pillows in just this one room. Seriously!!!! I might soon need a 12 step plan for pillow obsession. How about you? Did you make too many pillows, or quilts, or bags, or ..... you know what I mean.

As far as crocheting goes, I quite enjoyed working on this pillow top. However, that's not what makes my heart sings. My first love is, and probably always will be,  sewing and quilting. And so, crocheting will be more of an on the go craft because it's really not possible to sew when I'm at my children's guitar or ice skating lessons.

Have a wonderful weekend, Svetlana.

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