Goodie Swap 2011 - part 2

I'm back with my second part of Goodie Swap 2011. As I've mentioned before, I have 2 partners to make mug rugs and "goodies" for and, in return, I will get 2 mug rugs and 2 goodies from 2 different people. Fun, fun, fun!!!

You can see the mug rug and zig zag pouch I made for my first partner here.

As usual, I was obsessing about what to make for my second partner. Her inspiration mosaic, once again, was quite different from my style. I actually consider that to be a good thing as that makes me get out of my comfort zone and work on something new, or even learn some new technique.

Her favorite colors were black and white with some green mixed in and she asked for modern style. This is what I came up with. I made this hexagon mug rug, I think the little birdie in the middle is just adorable.
For the goodie, I decided to make a shoulder bag going with the same pattern I used for my daughters' bags.

And, to stay in the spirit of changing my mind and questioning my decisions I've lately been in, I was not sure if the mug rug was my partner's style, after all. So, I made another mug rug and let her choose in our Flickr group. Here's the second mug rug.

I absolutely love how those simple appliqued circles look and I'm pretty sure I'll be working on a quilt, or at least a pillow, based on this mug rug soon.

Well, my partner was very sweet and could not choose between the two, so she'll just get them both. They were made for her, right? And if she likes them both, then they are hers.

So, the packages were put together and are in the mail today. Hurray!!! Now I can obsess about all those gazillion other projects I have in my head.

Let me just leave you with these two pictures of the main mug rugs and goodies for my partners.

Happy sewing and creating, everyone! Svetlana