Saturday, January 23, 2021

Twenty Patch Scrappy Quilt


You guys, I made a quilt!

I used to make many, many quilts when I first started sewing 9 years ago, but lately I haven't been in any kind of quilting mood at all. So, having this quilt all finished feels like a huge accomplishment. Especially since it was over 1 year in the making :).

I started making this quilt in October 2019 as a way of using up some of my ever growing mountain of scraps. I cut my fabric to 2.5'' squares and just started piecing them together into these lovely, scrappy 20-patch blocks. I wasn't too particular about fabric placement but I tried not to put too many fabrics of the same value together. 

Also, before I started cutting my scraps, I decided on a color scheme for a more cohesive final look.

I used 1/4'' seam allowance to piece my scrappy blocks and they each finished at 8.5'' x 10.5''. 

I decided to add Kona Snow and alternate scrappy and white blocks. I love how the addition of solid blocks makes the scrappy ones shine a bit more without the finished quilt feeling too overwhelming.

I used Warm and Natural batting and a flat sheet I had on hand for my backing and since I was in no rush to have this quilt finished, plus I wanted it to have a lovely sort of vintage feel, I decided to hand quilt it.

I won't lie. It was demanding and quite a commitment. I actually put the quilt aside for months at a time because I needed a break for all this stitching :).

But, I'm totally smitten with the finished look and I think it was worth all the effort!

I marked my lines before I started quilting and I used cotton thread I found at my local haberdashery shop (similar to sashiko thread) for my quilting. I think Perle Cotton or Embroidery Thread would work equally well.

At first I thought I'd do a scrappy binding but I'm glad I decided to go with a striped one in the end. I think it frames all the scrappy goodness well without making the quilt too busy.

The quilt finished at 60'' x 80'' and I'm super excited I got to share it with you at last.

Wishing you all a happy and creative week. Svetlana

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