Wednesday, November 7, 2018

scrappy quilt

I love working with my fabric scraps and recently I've been feeling it was time I turned some of my beloved scraps into a quilt. 

I sort of knew what color palette I was going for, but I had a very hard time deciding on a pattern. I wanted something simple, not too time consuming for either cutting or piecing, preferably something improv so I could add and subtract fabric pieces as I went. I know, right? Easier said than done. 

And then I came across this quilt by Suzuko Koseki in her fantastic book Patchwork Style and I knew this was the way to go.

I loved the idea of different widths and lengths of fabric combined into one cohesive look. I think scraps are really great for quilts like this since you can let the scrap size dictate the size of the block and thus very little fabric gets wasted.

 I randomly pieced the scraps together and once I had enough rows pieced I spread them out on the floor to see the final layout. Of course Lola was no help. This happened pretty much every time any fabric got placed on the floor, grrr!

This is going to be quite a large quilt (for me anyway), it's about 70'' x 90''. 

You know what I'm mostly excited about? Hand quilting this beast!

Yes, you heard it right. My plan is to completely hand quilt the whole quilt. I'm so looking forward to hours and hours I will spend working on this beauty :)

I don't use any hoops or frames while hand quilting as I find them too cumbersome. I usually like to spread my quilt on our dining table and work on it like that, ...

... or I sometimes just plop myself on the couch with the quilt in my lap and get stitching.

What have you been working on lately? Any long term projects?



  1. Hi Svetlana,
    Your quilt looks gorgeous! What a great idea using lengths of differing widths, it’s the ideal way to use little pieces of your fabulous fabrics! I’m making a sort of Improv quiltlet at the moment and I think I might incorporate this idea, either for borders or the backing.
    I love hand quilting, and I’d probably stitch without a hoop too ..... I think I’d be worried about what the hoop would do to the stitches!
    Barbara x 😊

  2. love it, you are so creative, love the color too...very elegant.
    always learn something every time I visit your blog.

  3. Lovely! I have the same book. It was one of my early purchases and very inspirational. I bet we both came to love patchwork around the same time, judging by your owning that!

    I'm so impressed that you will be hand quilting it. Hmm... the idea of spreading it out on a table sounds inviting. I should try that someday! Thanks for the idea.

    p.s. Our hoped-for plans are going to work out! I should be able to visit you sometime next year ;)

  4. What a great scrap quilt! Enjoy all that relaxing hand quilting!

  5. There are always long-term projects, at the moment too many of them! Hand quilting will make your quilt truly special. Looking forward to seeing the finish.

  6. I love the tip of working not he dining table!! I have just hand quilted a lap quilt as a birthday present for a friend, it was my first try at hand quilting and I did it on my knee, just holding it in my hand as I didn't like the frames. Being able to spread it out like this would have been such a help. x

  7. I hand quilt without a hoop also! Your quilt is very pretty. I am working on rehabbing a double wedding ring quilt.

  8. Thanks for the book tip.
    I love the way you quilt, I've started quilting that way and it works well for me too.
    Your design sensibility is exciting.
    Again, thanks.

  9. Your quilt is absolutely fantastic. I love it. I have done a small amount of hand quilting and love the idea of doing it over a table. I will try that next time.

  10. I just finished a Christmas quilt I finished last November. I decided I wanted it quilted before this Christmas and decided to dive in and hand quilt it. I started hand quilting in April of this year and finished it early October. Considering I've never hand quilted anything this big before I was very happy with my time frame. I LOVED sitting at night and hand quilting. I never in a million years thought I would enjoy it. I'm planning my next quilt. I have a few tops done and just need to layer up and get going. I love your quilt. Your color choices are always so soothing. I love seeing what you make.

  11. Oh Lola you are sooooooo beautiful! That quilt certainly suits you!

  12. This will be fantastic! you always inspire me to get my butt in gear! I had hoped to churn out a few projects myself this week but I have been battling influenza... Hopefully I get to my machine tomorrow--seeing your quilt certainly makes me long to get creative!


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