indigo pouch

This weekend, as I was digging through my stash looking for just the right fabric for a simple pouch I wanted to make, I came across my stack of indigo dyed fabric that's been waiting to be used for almost 2 years! Crazy! I love the deep blue color of indigo and enjoy seeing all the beautiful patterns in my little stack very, very much. Every time I pull them out though I start thinking they need to become a quilt which then means I put them promptly back since I don't feel like making a quilt right at all.

So, I finally decided that instead of waiting for my quilting mojo to show up, I'll just be using these lovely prints to make smaller projects instead. 

And I made this quilted zipper pouch, of course.

I started out by basting a panel of fabric to cotton batting and quilting the two layers together. As you can see I only used a few pins to hold them together as I find small projects like this are easy to quilt without much basting.

I used Hera marker to ensure my lines will be nice and straight and quilted the panels about 1/2'' apart (I marked my lines 1'' apart, then added another line of stitching in between the marked ones).

I followed The Essential Pouch pattern (medium size) for this pouch but since I skipped adding a contrasting bottom I simply used cutting measurements for the lining to cut my exterior panels.

I used a beautiful striped linen/cotton blend print for the lining which makes for a wonderfully sturdy pouch. 

This was a quick, but very satisfying project and I highly recommend making a pouch (or two) when you feel like sewing but don't have much time to spare.

Wishing you all a happy and creative week. Svetlana