Wednesday, September 12, 2018

drawstring bags

Do you like making drawstring bags? I certainly do. I love how quick and easy to make they are, plus they are super useful as project bags, storage bags for many tiny toys our kids tend to have around the house, or they can also be wonderful for wrapping presents. 

I made this simple, yet stylish drawstring bag using my free tutorial (available here in case you'd like to give it a go as well) and some gorgeous fabric I purchased at my local fabric market. I know, right? I'm so lucky to live in a place that hosts a fabulous fabric market every Saturday morning.

Last time I went I brought home these beauties :). These are all cotton/linen blends which is my most favorite material to work with at the moment.

Oh, and I made one more drawstring bag, of course. I used my Drawstring Bag pattern for this one - this is a medium size and, once again, it all came together super quickly.

These really are such fabulous instant gratification projects :)

Wishing you all a happy and productive day. Svetlana


  1. Your market fabric is gorgeous, and I love the bags you’ve made from them, they look super cute!
    Actually I’ve made quite a few drawstring bags over the last year and I did use your tutorial for some bags for carrying vegetables (blogged about them for “Bag It” last year). And before I saw this post I was just searching on Pinterest for ..... drawstring bags ...... glad I saw your post in time, and, I am sooo definitely making another imminently!
    Thanks for the lovely tutorial!
    Barbara xx

  2. I always love your drawstring bags Svetlana! I especially like the leaf print one at top. Wish I had a local fabric market!! cheers, Kelly

  3. Love the colors of the drawstrings! What source do you use for them?

    1. Thank you, the strings were purchased at the same market, so sadly no online source I used.

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