Wednesday, September 19, 2018

big stitch ~ small projects

Lately I've been quite enjoying simple, repetitive, and highly meditative nature of hand quilting. Now, the projects I hand quilt are nothing fancy or large in size. They are mostly just pieces of scraps I sew together into small-ish blocks which I then turn into mats or coasters for our home.

Pretty lovely, aren't they? Scraps make my heart sing :)

Here's an in-progress photo for you to see.

I use pins (or safety pins) to hold the scrappy block and cotton batting together and usually mark a line or two for me to start stitching. I space my lines 1/4'' - 1/2'' apart and since my projects are pretty small I can just get away with eyeballing the distance. Oh, and I stitch through both the top layer as well as batting.

These are my favorite supplies for hand quilting (all self - explanatory, I think).

I'm especially excited about the two cotton threads in the upper left corner since they sort of feel and look like sashiko thread but are a lot cheaper to buy. I purchased mine locally but I'm sure you could find them online too.

Once my mats are quilted I trim off extra batting, add backing, and bind them the same way I would a quilt. I first add my binding to the front and hand stitch it on the back using running stitch.

Pretty fun, aren't they? And super, super useful which is what I like the most.

Do you like turning scraps into pretty projects? What are your favorites?



  1. Those mats/coasters are pretty sweet! I like your limited palette. My favorite small project with scraps are baskets.

  2. I'm curious why you do not quilt through the batting? Also, what is the brand name of the two threads below the grey Katia yarn? Is it pearl cotton? I can't get pearl cotton wound like that any comes in a skein. I Love your work! Thanks.

    1. I like to use thicker, more sturdy fabric like canvas for backing and my fingers hurt when I try to hand stitch through those fabrics, so this systems works for me as it lets me enjoy handwork without any unnecessary pain.

  3. Beautiful work! What brand/size needles do you use for this thread?

  4. These are fabulous and so inspiring.

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