hello :)

Well, hello lovelies! Anybody still there?

I can't believe it's been so long since I last popped into this place :( How are you all doing?

If you follow me on Instagram you probably noticed last few months have been pretty busy and full of change for our family. The biggest thing, of course, has been our intercontinental move from the US to the Netherlands, eeek! And oh-my-goodness! What a change this has been. It's been wonderful in so many ways, while super challenging in some others. That's how things usually are though, aren't they? At least that's what I'm telling myself :)

We traveled a lot, visited many family members we haven't seen in years which was absolutely  wonderful, and now we're slowly adjusting to our new lives. The thing I probably love the most about Netherlands is the bike culture. We bike everywhere! Everywhere! To the grocery store, movies, doctor's office, ... even to Ikea! We actually don't even own a car at the moment because there's just no need for one. How crazy is that!

My new wheels and a tote bag I made using fabulous watermelon print purchased from Miss Matatabi on Etsy. Such a perfect summer tote.

I have, of course, been working on setting up my sewing space. It's tiny but will definitely do for now. I've been sewing up a storm so no complaints here :)

One of my favorite things to make these days are fun little scrappy coasters. They are perfect projects for trying new ideas as well as using up some favorite scraps. Plus, they are super handy to have around the house, too. I can totally see my coaster collection growing in the next few months.

You can see more of the projects I worked on over the past few months on my IG account, of course. Here's the link if you're interested: https://www.instagram.com/sotakhandmade/

Talk to you soon. Svetlana