Monday, October 9, 2017

minimalist patchwork pillow

I am a huge fan of Louise Gray's beautifully modern quilts and home decor. So, when I was trying to come up with an idea for a new pillow cover for our living room I decided a Louise Gray inspired pillow was finally in order :)

Super simple, isn't it? That's what I love about it.

I turned the pillow top into a small quilt sandwich by adding thin cotton batting and backing fabric, and did a bit of hand quilting using sashiko thread.

And then I used this lovely striped fabric from my stash for the pillow back and added an invisible zipper.

I think it will fit right in with its other "pillow friends" :).

♥ ♥ ♥

And now I'm curious. Do you like making pillow covers? If so what kind of closure do you like most? Invisible zipper, regular zipper, envelope closure, or perhaps buttons? Do tell. I'd love to know.

Talk to you soon. Svetlana


  1. beautiful! Yes I make tons of pillow covers. sometimes zippers, sometimes envelope... depends on the use!

  2. Love your pillows also. The stitching adds so much. I always do invisible zippers.

  3. I use a zipper with overlap, but have used envelope closures too. I like the invisible zipper! Lovely pillow.

  4. Love them! I don't make pillows that often, but when I do I like the zipper to be hidden as you did yours, or covered with a flap.

  5. Lovely addition to your pillow family! Personally, I prefer lapped zippers. I'm kind of hit and miss with invisible ones..

  6. I do make pillows and cushions. Most times I do a zipper that is hidden by a flap. Honestly I never thought about an invisible zipper but I live how yours look with it. You know my next pillow will have the invisible zipper. Thanks!

  7. Oh, Svetlana, I love it! I must admit that I’ve never made a pillow cover. We just don’t use pillows except on our beds. Lol. You know I love your style...

  8. I usually make an envelope closure, although I bought an invisible zipper foot, followed @sewkatiedid 's tutorial on one pillow. I really liked the look and I need to use the method a few more times to get comfortable with the process. Yours looks wonderful and I love the stitching!

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