Monday, June 26, 2017

scraps + improv

Lately I've been feeling incredibly overwhelmed and exhausted, finding myself with a mile long to do list and very little energy to tackle it all. So, the other day I decided to forget about all the urgent stuff and indulge in some much needed "scrap therapy" instead.

I dove into my scrap bin and improv pieced these random blocks.

I knew I didn't want to commit to any large project, so I simply turned some of them into coasters.

And then I made more coasters, of course :)  These were super fun to make and I greatly enjoyed adding little hand stitched details to each.

And, after spotting Chase's adorable scrap pouch I decided I needed to make one, too.

I love how it turned out and I can't wait to do some more scrappy sewing soon.

How about you? Do you enjoy sewing with scraps? Or do you prefer using your stash?

Wishing you all a lovely and creative day. Svetlana


  1. I know what you mean about feeling overwhelmed! I have taken a break and I'm doing some scrap pillows for my daughter, I've finished two already and I feel really good! 😊 And it's great using up some scraps, I really like your pouches also.

  2. I love scrappy sewing! your use of scraps is great. Love those coasters especially!

  3. I love scrappy too. Been doing alot of it lately!

  4. I've been sewing up my scraps as Leader and Enders! I sew little four patches or strip sets and just have some mindless fun with them! I just build up slabs of 'made fabric'. I will be glad to practice my quilting in these before I tackle quilting my next big quilt! I really like your scrappy pouches :)

  5. So simple, so charming. You may not see yourself as daring, but I do and you inspire me. Many thanks.

  6. I love your work, can relate to the feelings

  7. I keep saving my scraps, wanting to make a string quilt one day.

  8. I needed a kick in the shins to get out of that funk, so bought myself a new Pfaff Expression sewing machine hoping I would get my mojo back, but now I just stare at the new machine and too scared to start sewing, hahaha! Winter here and we just passed the shortest day and it is so cold in the basement which houses my workroom, and lonely away from the family and cant be bothered to bring all my junk upstairs so sitting there in the warmth watching TV, boring! Thank goodness my husband says we got Netflix but just as boring! It was only 14c today and tonight 4c, warmer tomorrow! So hopefully it might rain as it has been brilliant sunshine for the last two weeks and not conducive to sewing!

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