Thursday, May 4, 2017

whole cloth baby quilt

Hello everyone!

I'd like to show you my newest quilt finish today.

A super simple and sweet whole cloth quilt I made for our local homeless shelter.

This was such a quick and satisfying project. I used fabric from my stash - poppy print by Katarina Roccella for the front and this lovely alphabet fabric (cut up Ikea comforter cover) + another Katarina Roccella print for the back.

I used straight line quilting to form an irregular grid and bound it with light gray solid fabric. I like this kind of quilting as it adds a wonderful drape to the finished quilt.

Finished size of this quilt is 40" x 46" and I'm happy to send it on its way for a special little one to snuggle in.

Wishing you all a lovely day.  Svetlana


  1. It's lovely! I agree about the quilting.

  2. it's beautiful. lucky baby who will enjoy it so much

  3. Mmmm, love this! no batting? I haven't seen these prints before--they are sweet. Lately, I am in love with machine binding! So quick and I've figured out how to do it and have it work! :)

    1. I added the batting, I just forgot to mention it ;)

    2. What type of batting? Thanks

    3. I have some 'Good Night Moon' fabric I want to use for a baby quilt. The Warm and White looks like it might be a good choice for batting. Now I am trying to figure out what backing to use that would be lightweight and still soft. Do you have any suggestions?
      Thank you

  4. Do you have any suggestions of where to start for a simple baby quilt? It's my first time quilting anything larger than a sample I made for a class. Thanks!

  5. Such beautiful fabrics are sure to cheer the recipient.❤️

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