Thursday, May 11, 2017

soulful sewing

I've been a fan of Maureen's beautiful fabric designs and quilts for years now and last week I had the pleasure to work with her newest fabric collection Soulful. I love the Anthropologie feel of Maureen's gorgeous fabric and enjoyed my "soulful playtime" immensely.

Would you like to see what I made?

First I sewed up this patchwork-y Laura purse.

I didn't have large enough pieces of fabric for main panels so I decided to piece them using differently sized strips of fabric. I think it worked really well and I absolutely love the finished look.

Oh, and this hardware. I just love everything about it. It was all provided to me by Dritz company and I'll be definitely using it again in my future projects.

I then used some of the leftover scraps to make this qayg Nina Wristlet.

And I added yet another little Dritz detail to my pouch. Those "handmade" tags are just fabulous, don't you think?

Both the bag and the pouch are heading Maureen's way right now and will be displayed in her Spring Quilt Market booth. Can't wait to see how it all comes together :)



  1. so beautiful! can't wait to get my hands on some of this fabric. Your patterns really showcase them well!

  2. I love them both, the fabric prices look amazing all together. x

  3. Wow! Beautiful work! All the hardware looks great!

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  5. This is so gorgeous! Could I ask where you get your linen and what color it is? I'm making a quilt for my friend with the Soulful line and that linen is the perfect compliment to this line! I'd love to add it into the quilt!
    Thank you, I adore your creations and your blog!!! :)
    <3 Bekah


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