Friday, March 17, 2017

drawstring tote bag

Hello, happy Friday to you all!

I had grand plans for this week. I was going to be productive and totally on top of my game! And then my son came down with the flu, which then turned into a pneumonia, which of course meant all my plans went out the window and my productivity dropped to almost zero :(

I did, however, do a bit of sanity saving sewing while he took a nap the other day and made myself this chunky drawstring tote bag.  

I've had this Cloud 9 barkcloth in my stash for quite some time and it felt wonderful to finally turn it into something useful. I love how sturdy this fabric is, perfect choice for a tote bag, I think :)

I wanted this to be a quick make, so I used cotton canvas for the lining (no need to use interfacing this way) and added a large slip pocket on the inside.

And, I added a leather tag to the front of the tote. I know I said it before, but I really love adding leather and rivets to my bags and pouches these days.

I love how this tote turned out, it will make a great new home for my on the go knitting project.

And then yesterday I made a patchwork version of the same tote bag. It's fun to see the same pattern interpreted in different ways, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by friends. Wishing you all a creative and restful weekend.


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  1. I really love the patchwork version and happy weekends to you too

  2. Children have an unerring ability to scupper the best laid plans Svetlana, don't they? I love both your bags, the barkcloth version is particularly stylish though.

  3. Love both you bags. The leather handles are great!

  4. Wonderful bag! I would like to,see what it looks like with the drawstrings pulled....

  5. Oh they're gorgeous, and the leather makes them look really polished - beautiful :)

  6. Those bags look amazing! The pocket in the first one is the perfect size! I don't like tons of pockets in my bags because it seems to make things harder for me to find. But you know I keep that green mouse pouch in my bag to this always has my chapstick and lipstick in it! I hope Ryan is feeling better!!!!!!

  7. Is there a pattern for this one? I'm curious how you did the handles... they just seem to disappear into the bag lol

  8. Great bags!! Are they the same size? The patchwork one looks smaller maybe? Love the light leather handles!

  9. I really love these! The drawstring makes them the perfect craft bag. I hope your son is feeling better!

  10. Your bags are great! I especially like the patchwork one. Hopefully your guy is feeling better.

  11. They're both beautiful - and the patchwork composition is just perfection.

    Hope that your son is feeling better -- what a thing to get! Poor guy!

  12. Super design of bag- would love the pattern if it is available? Also, how could I view the patchwork version as others seem to have done? I follow your blog avidly, love your designs and style.

  13. A pattern would be great! Need help with the drawstring.

  14. I really love these! The drawstring makes them the perfect craft bag.


  15. What are the dimensions for this bag? Is there a pattern available?

    1. no pattern right now, but I will blog about it later as it will be published in future issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

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