Thursday, February 2, 2017

orange surprise {a finished quilt}

One of my goals for 2017 is to make a quilt each month to donate to my local homeless shelter. So, when a few days ago it suddenly dawned on me that the month of January was almost over and I did not make a quilt I planned, I started panicking a bit.

Thankfully though I realized I made an HRT quilt top months ago and never finished it, so I quickly dug it out of my wip pile and got to work.

Since this is not a huge quilt, I decided it was time I gave pin basting a try. Can you believe I only pin basted my very first quilt (which turned out pretty bad since I only used about 20 !!! pins for the whole quilt), and all my other quilts were glue basted? I don't even know why I suddenly decided to swap pins for glue, but to my great surprise, I didn't really hate the whole pin basting process. I actually found it kind of relaxing and therapeutic ??? We'll see how long this love affair with pin basting lasts :).

I used this Marimekko orange linen for the backing as I thought it would add a super lovely pop of color and surprise to this otherwise muted quilt top. (I pre-washed the linen to prevent any excessive shrinkage or color bleeding)

I used the edge of my walking foot as a guide to quilt along both sides of each seam and I absolutely love how soft and snugly this quilt turned out.

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


finished size: 47" x 54" 
fabrics used: cirrus solids + prints from stash
batting: warm and white
pattern: my own HRT quilt in issue 42 of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine

Can you believe these two quilts are made using the same pattern? I made them both when I worked on my HRT quilt for Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine, the only difference is the one on the left does not have any border added. I'm always stunned to see how fabric choice and placement makes such a huge difference in the final look of the finished quilt. 

Hope you all have a creative and inspiring day. Svetlana


  1. Great, from the front to the back !
    Love the binding !
    Kind regards, Karin

  2. Both of the quilts are beautiful! And what a lovely thing to do...I'm sure it will bring comfort to someone who could use some comfort & encouragement!

  3. What a thoughtful gift for your homeless shelter! And gorgeous too! It's amazing how color choices can make such different quilts.

  4. In the new color way, this quilt looks more like HSTs. The orange is great for the back.

  5. it's gorgeous! what a lovely idea to donate a quilt every month

  6. That will brighten the life of someone in's a beautiful quilt Svetlana! 💕

  7. I love the bright pop of orange! Fabulous!

  8. I love that you pointed out that it's the same pattern, I never would have guessed! And that bright orange backing is the perfect little surprise for this quilt. 😊

  9. I love your work! Absolutely beautiful!

  10. What a lovely goal and lovely, lovely product! The orange on the back was exactly what this quilt needed to go from great to awesome. I really like the white magazine version of the pattern too. It's sometimes funny to me that I like such very, very different quilts/quilt styles. Charming or modern, traditional or abstract. I like them all!

  11. I love the colors and your fabric choices!

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