sourcing bag making supplies

Hello lovely makers,

I'm super excited to see so many of you branching out and giving bag making a try. How absolutely, totally wonderful!

To help you on your journey, and to answer many, many questions coming to me through your emails, I decided to put together a list of my very favorite bag making supplies and where I buy them from. I hope you'll find this a useful resource.

I'm not affiliated with any of the suppliers I list in here and I do not get any compensation for writing this post. I've been buying from these suppliers for quite some time and I love not just their products, but also their friendly and speedy service.

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I love using regular quilting cotton, of course, as it comes in so many different colors and stunning prints. Lately though I've been quite enjoying working with linen and linen/cotton blends. It's thicker and a bit heavier than quilting cotton and I think it's just the right weight for bag making.  My go to store for printed linen is Miss Matatabi on etsy.

I also use lots of duck canvas either as linings for my bags or as the interlining fabric to make the bags hold their shape better. I buy all my canvas at Joann store.


SF101 - medium weight fusible interfacing is the one I use the most. I also like using 987F fusible fleece when I want my finished bag or pouch to have a squishier finish.

I also quite like using ByAnnie's Soft and Stable or Pellon Flex Foam if I want my finished bags to be extra sturdy and holding their shapes really well.


I love, love, love metal zippers and I usually keep an array of different sizes and colors on hand. I buy all my zipper from zipit on Etsy. 


I have only recently started adding leather straps and handles to my bags and I'm completely smitten as they add such a fabulous touch of luxury and finesse to any finished product.

I buy either 3/4" or 1" wide straps in longest length available and cut them to needed size with my rotary cutter. 

I buy my leather straps from Leather EU on etsy or from Anna (noodlehead) 's store.


I've been using waxed canvas for about a year now and I'm madly in love with this material. It's sturdy, waterproof, and fabulously rugged looking. And, just like leather handles, it looks better the more you use it which is absolutely perfect for bag making.

I buy my waxed canvas from A. L. Frances on etsy.


My favorite shops to buy bag hardware (rivets, D-ring tabs, swivel hooks, magnetic snaps, etc.) are:

Bagmaker Supply
Ning Bags
3DAN Supplies (it usually takes a few weeks to receive their order but the prices are really great)

I really hope you find this list helpful.

Where do you buy your bag making supplies? Please post links to your favorite shops in comments section below.

Happy sewing, friends.