Wednesday, October 5, 2016

things change ...

I've been sewing and quilting for about 5 years now and the other day I was quite surprised to realize how much my style and projects I like to make keep changing. I used to be all about color, complicated patchwork, and I generally went by "the more the better" rule :)

Lately though I like simple, almost minimalist projects. I love muted colors, simple piecing, and I especially love adding leather accents to my projects.

This little coaster/ potholder made with some of my screen printed scraps, big stitch quilting using sashiko thread, and a little leather tab is a perfect example of a project I love making these days. No fussy patterns, simple lines, muted colors. Love, love, love !!!

Oh, and the pouches. I so, so love making and gifting pouches of all kinds. Especially when I get to play with metal zippers and striped ribbon.

And, I greatly enjoy finding ways to incorporate leather into my small projects. I had this idea of making a leather patch with my logo to add to a pouch recently and I'm super excited that it actually worked out.

All I needed to make my patch was a trimmed piece of veg tanned leather (I bought a scrap pack here), leather hole punch, stamp, and ink pad. I then added it to a finished pouch using rivets.

Easy peasy, and super fun.

I'm drawn to simple shapes, colors, and general simplicity when it comes to quilting as well. I can't wait to finish and show you this whole cloth quilt I've been working on while I watch Netflix in the evenings. Yes, hand quilting and Netflix are my favorite thing to do once the kids are in bed. I guess some things do stay the same :).

I'm curious to know. Have you noticed shifts and changes in your sewing/ quilting style? Do tell.



  1. Yes! I am greatly influenced by your changing work as well. It feels as if we are growing in separate places, but arriving at a more simplistic style. I'll always love my fussy cut paper piecing, but am enjoying sparse clean work. And the evening hand stitching never fails to comfort. It's all good.

  2. Me too! My mind got tired trying to create more and better quilt patterns and buy popular fabrics. I almost quit quilting and then I got into patchwork and simple solids. I love hand quilting and use that to add dimension to my work. Relaxing and everyone still loves to get a handmade quilt! I even like the look better.

    Your hint of leather is so personal and I love it!

  3. Yes taste changes over the years. I used to love applique and did so much needle turn - recently I tried applique using wool instead and just loved it. Never thought I would like EPP now love it and making second hexagon quilt and plans for a 3rd. Still like to make easy patchwork now and then for a quick quilt but taste do change over time

  4. I've watched your style evolve & must say I adore what you are currently doing! mine is still evolving... from massive riots of color to modern, a little starker at times... not sure where I'm going but it sure is fun

  5. Svetlanko, mas to moc krasne! Jsou to zmeny, ale vzdy dobre :) Ja si totez rikala zrovna vcera, kdyz jsem zasivala diru ve stare dece. Tu jsem sila pred osmi lety - zadne prositi, zadny lem, jen posesivane ctverce. Vcera jsem na deku rucne aplikovala zaplatu a jeste bych chtela rucne prosit... a je to fajn, ze se nalady, chute... proste ze se vse meni. Je porad na co se koukat :) Svetlanko, mej krasne dny!!! I kdyz uz je asi dost chladno, vid? Pa, Jola

  6. I started with calicos and 30's reproductions about 20 years ago-- complicated quilts with tiny pieces. Now now love saturated colors surrounded by fields of neutrals. And things that are mostly soft neutrals too. Simple, simple, simple. I think we are all influenced by each other. You see, learn, try something new and evolve. We can't keep making the same quilt for years and years!

  7. I do love your current style!

  8. It is fun to look back and see where we've come and are now. It has taken me a while to get to my current style and each part along the way helped me get here. I am now using my stash of vintage fabrics instead of just collecting them. The style you have now is signature! I always recognize your photos before I know who made it!

  9. It's been about 5 years for me too and I have recently been loving applique where five years ago not so much. I think it's the modern applique that has won me over, and Kaffe Fassett fabric.

  10. It's interesting to follow your change of style :) I think,
    "downshifting" and bringing more simplicity into our lives
    is one way to be more satisfied. LOVOS (lifestyle of voluntary simplicity)
    is something I also try to use in my quilting and sewing projects :)
    Kind regards, Karin

  11. I'm still at the stage of "try everything" and seeing what sticks ... Im enjoying the process but hope I find my groove soon. Your stamped leather label looks really cool!

  12. It's so much fun seeing what you come up with next!

  13. Absolutely! I have definitely changed since I started sewing. I've gotten more specific with the types of fabrics I like to use and more traditional than modern in my style. I think the longer we sew, the more we know what we like. It's a good thing!


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