indigo dyeing

I've wanted to try indigo dyeing for months now I finally went for it this weekend. Such fun, I tell you.

I ordered this kit on Amazon and read tons of tutorials and tips all over the internet on how to work with indigo. I found this, and this posts to be especially helpful, and I even started a new Pinterest board.

I used PFD (prepared for dyeing) Kona cotton from my Joann store for dyeing, but I read that pretty much any natural fabric (cotton, linen, silk) should work as long as it's washed and dried in advance.

I did a few different ways of folding and tying the fabric. After doing my first batch of fabric I very quickly realized I liked panels with lots of white still showing, so my second batch of fabric was folded and tied a lot tighter than the first one.

These are the panels from my first batch. And yes, I did finish dyeing them in almost pitch black darkness as I simply couldn't wait till the next day :).

These are the second batch panels. I'm really glad that prepared indigo dye can be stored for up to five days so I'm still planning on one more dyeing session, maybe working with some t-shirts next time.

My 10 year old son was my very helpful assistant and he absolutely loved the whole process, especially the part where green color turned blue after being exposed to oxygen in the air. He also did a lot of experimenting with double, triple, and even quadruple dipping some of the fabric :).

Now just to think up some fun projects to sew these lovelies into.

Thanks for reading, friends. Svetlana