thirty three easy to follow zipper pouch tutorials

 Hello everyone, happy Monday!

Did you have a nice weekend? I hope you got to spend some quality time with pretty stacks of fabric.
I did a bit of sewing, and printing, but mostly I browsed Pinterest until I felt my eyeballs were going to pop out :).

Thankfully though it wasn't just mindless pinning of everything and anything as it tends to happen when I'm on Pinterest. This time I was on a mission! It was all about zipper pouches and free tutorials on how to make them. And now I have a beautiful gallery of thirty three easy to follow, super fun, and absolutely free zipper pouch tutorials to share with you.

(click on the picture to be taken to original tutorial)

triple zip pouch 
pencil pouch
pretty lace pouch
pencil case
shark pencil case

double zipper pouch
zippered box pouch
qayg pouch
pencil pouch
mini quilted zipper pouch
cosmetic pouch
window zipper pouch
phone pouch
pencil case
pretty little pouch
triangle zipper pouch
color block pouch
open wide pouch
key pouch
heart pouch
better marker pouch
zippy wallet
boxy pouch
pencil case
earbud pouch
wide open pencil case
flat bottom pouch
scissors cozy
charmed pencil pouch
cat eye zippered pouch
zipper card pouch
stylish pen case
toiletry bag

Hope you enjoy making some of these cuties. I already have plans to sew up some earbud pouches as well as a flat bottom pouch.

Have a lovely week friends. Svetlana