Thursday, August 18, 2016

mini locker emergency kit

Hello friends, hope you're all having a lovely week so far.

My kids went back to school yesterday and the house is suddenly so quiet during the day. It's just me and the cats but we don't complain. They sleep and I work, and the three of us quite enjoy these few precious hours of no interruptions :). I've been doing a lot of screen printing and I'm super excited to show you some new designs soon.

Today though, I'd like to show you these fun mini locker emergency kits I made for my girls.

I followed my mini quilted pouch tutorial to make this adorable pouch (only I didn't quilt it because I didn't feel like it, I used SF101 interfacing instead) and filled it up with tiny scissors, bandages, bobby pins, and other "essentials" a teen girl might need.

I made a second mini pouch for my other daughter, of course. This super adorable travel fabric from Les Fleurs collection is my absolute favorite at the moment. I keep thinking I need a striped tote bag just like the one pictured :).

And then I got a request for an octopus pencil pouch. Cute, isn't it? I adhered fusible fleece to exterior fabric (from an older Cotton and Steel collection) to make it nice and sturdy. I loved how quickly this pouch came together and my daughter loved that I didn't make it all patchworky :).

How about you? Are you doing any back to school sewing?



  1. :) Svetlanko, kapsicku s podobnym obsahem nosim v kabelce. Navic na dovolenou vozim dalsi, ve ktere je vic naplasti (deti si rady osetruji boleni), mazani proti klistatum, vonavou mast proti komarum... :) Kapsicky jsou proste the best! :)
    A siti do skoly letos odkladam. Deti nic nepotrebuji, jsou zasobene :)
    Svetlanko, krasne dny! Jola

  2. What a great idea! My mom did something similar for me, but she wasn't crafty so she put mine in a ziplock bag. Yours are much cuter!

  3. Your mini pouches, well and the bigger one, are sooo adorable! I ordered some of the small zippers so that I could make some of the mini pouches. I can't wait!

  4. All very cute and that emergency kit will be so handy. I didn't do any back to school sewing, but Aria did. She made herself a pencil pouch =)

  5. The locker emergency kit is such a good idea! I may have to make one to have on hand at work. :)I love the octopus print in the larger pouch, so fun!

  6. Svetlana, these are ADORABLE! I love them so much!!

  7. Svetlana, these are ADORABLE! I love them so much!!


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