sewing for my boy

Child #3 will soon be off to a week long camp. This is the first time he'll stay away from home for so long and we're all super excited for him. What a fun, new adventure this will be.

All the camp preparation, of course, gave me a good excuse to do a bit of boy sewing. I must admit, I find sewing for boys in general a bit tricky, so I was very happy to see my son loved all the makes (he always makes sure nothing looks too girly).

I sewed up a wallet to keep his cash in. It was a bit fiddly to make and the seam ripper and I became quite good friends (mostly because I was making things up as I went). I do love how it turned out, though so I guess it was worth all the headache :).

I made him a drawstring bag, of course. Aren't these little monsters the cutest?

And, I used this fantastic tutorial to make him a new Pokemon pillow case (and one for his Pokemon loving sister, as well).

I'm curious, what do you like to sew for boys (big or little) in your life?

Wishing you all a creative day. Svetlana