Monday, July 18, 2016


Lately I've been in a bit of a knitting mood. I prefer simple, repetitive projects so I mostly find myself making socks and washcloths :). Nothing glamorous here, is it? But so very relaxing for me and that's what counts.

I use this free pattern to make my washcloths. I love how quick and easy to make they are. And useful, they are perfect for wiping down kitchen counters.

Plus, they are a great project to use up little bits of yarn left over from my making countless pairs of socks.

You know what's coming up next, right? Of course I had to make myself a new knitting bag :). I went back and forth for quite some time deciding on a design and in the end a simple quilted drawstring bag won. 

I love this bag. I love how sturdy and roomy it is, and mostly I love not having to look for my supplies all over the house every time I want to work on a project.

Wishing you all a super creative week. Svetlana


  1. love the bag. I'm a complete failure at knitting, have tried to learn many times. Oh well! your washcloths are awesome

  2. love making washcloths. they make such nice gifts too.

  3. It's wonderful! Is it the same size of your other quilted drawsting bag (11"x12,5")?

  4. Love the wash cloths. Never made any. Do you use cotton or wool?

  5. Lovely wash cloths. Here in Denmark (and in Norway and Sweden) there's an absolute washcloth craze. Recently three new booklets were published with knitted and crocheted cloths.

    I also love your knitting bag - and the project you've stored in it. I knitted the Mara shawl many moons ago but have allways thought that I would make another one.

  6. Your projects are of great interest for me, your choice of fabric is super, the colours of your yarns are just to my taste and your pictures are awesome... Just find an addictive blog!

  7. What pattern did you use on your washcloths.


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