lola in kona fog

Lately it's been pretty hard to find any long stretches of sewing time as we're into our third week of summer break which of course means lots of outings, pools, concerts, water balloon fights, and constant rotation of friends and sleep overs. All good stuff, of course, but once in a while this mom needs a bit of sanity saving sewing time :).

So, the other day I spent some quality time with my sewing machine and made myself a new Lola pouch. Truth is, I didn't need yet another pouch, but I was really curious to see how AGF denim would look combined with this screen printed Kona Fog. I cannot lie. I'm in love. ♥ ♥ ♥

I also wanted to test out using nylon for the pouch lining. I worried it would be a bit too slippery to work with, but it really wasn't terrible. I used lots of Clover wonder clips to hold layers together and the whole pouch came together rather quickly. I'm pretty sure from now on I'll be using nylon a lot to line make up as well as pencil pouches. 

Mission accomplished, sanity restored. Back to summer fun I go :).

Wishing you all a super lovely day. Svetlana