Sunday, May 8, 2016

#mayisformakers {necessary clutch wallet}

Hi everyone,

I'm excited to show you my newest wallet I made using a pattern I purchased as part of #mayisformakers campaign (read more by clicking here).

Here's my version of the Necessary Clutch Wallet by Emmaline Bags.

This is not the easiest or quickest wallet to sew, but definitely worth all the extra effort it requires. It's a super clever, well written pattern, and I greatly appreciated all the additional tips and ideas Janelle shares on alternate front flap (which is the one I decided to go with, stripe inspired by this lovely clutch) as well as adding a removable wrist or shoulder strap to one's wallet.

(second version)

(first version)
As you can see from the two pictures above, I made two almost identical wallets in the last few days. Now, my plan was to make just one. But there were way too many features I wanted to improve on once my first wallet was finished, I simply decided to rip it up, reuse the parts I could, and start all over. Yes, I do things like that on a regular basis :).

The thing that bugged me to no end on my first version was how terrible my side seams looked. There were quite a few layers of fabric and interfacing I had to deal with, plus it was really hard to get a good access with my sewing machine. And, to make things worse, I used contrasting thread instead of coordinating one. Definitely not a smart choice.

 Thankfully though I came across this gorgeous version of Necessary Clutch Wallet on Pinterest  and decided to copy the idea of using rivets instead of stitching. I love how it looks and I think it gives the finished wallet that extra little touch of special.

I also changed the way I installed the zipper pocket to reduce on bulk in the side seams, and added a removable wrist strap (you can find a free tutorial here) to my second version. And, I used a different closure because I wanted it to match my rivets.

I wanted my wallet to be quite sturdy, so I used 809 Decor Bond for all the exterior panels, and SF101 interfacing for lining and pockets. Plus, I added a layer of fusible fleece to my flap for added sturdiness and structure. Worked like a charm :).

I'm absolutely in love with this wallet and I'm super happy I decided to make a second, way better looking version.

Wishing you all a fantastically creative week. Svetlana


  1. This is stunning. Love the rivets and closure.

  2. oh yeah, the rivets just make it! Beautifully done!

  3. Excellent call on the rivets. While your first attempt was good (one I would have been happy with and would have used) your second version is amazing! I need to add this wallet to my project list.

  4. I've made several of these and am curious as to what technique you used to reduce bulk in the zipper? Thanks!

  5. It looks fantastic, as always. :) I love how you shared your 'prototype' wallet first, then showed the improvements/changes. It's nice to know the process of getting where you want to be!

  6. I could sassily just say "ditto"! Made it, want to streamline it like you did, and my next one will be our new and improved version! I'm liking Peltex for extra stiffening, however. I don't like that extra piece the pattern called for that sits on the flap, so I'll probably double the Peltex in just the flap area. This is a GREAT little bag whose features I love, and think I'll also make a removable skinny cross body strap and a wrist strap so I'll have options. Where do I find the rivets though?

    1. I bought my rivets at Joann - I like the ones from their leather section the best.

    2. The problem I have with Joann's is they don't have much of a color selection - in my stores, everything is in nickel. I'd love to see some antique brass or even black.

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