Monday, April 4, 2016

going for it ...

Hello, happy Monday to you all !!

Last week was my children's much awaited spring break and we all thoroughly enjoyed no set schedule and lots of free time to play and relax. Which, of course, meant almost no time to work and sew for me. No complaints, though. This little break was a great chance to recharge for me as well :).

I did, however, find a little bit of time in the evenings to give making screens using photo emulsion a try (I used Diazo emulsion that came with Speedball screen printing kit I bought at my local art supply store months ago). Yes, it's taken me months to finally go for it.
I used my finished screens to print a few panels of fabric right away and I'm absolutely loving the way they turned out. There will definitely be a lot more screen printing for me in the near future.

In case you'd like to give this technique a try, I'd highly recommend reading through very helpful and detailed instructions in Krista's fantastic book Beyond Cotton.

Thanks for reading, friends. Svetlana


  1. I have an unopened kit stashed away that my children gifted me for Christmas over a year ago. I have yet to try it but all your recent work is inspiring me to 'go for it' as well. Thanks!

  2. Loving your adventuresome spirit! Keep 'going for it'! Jxo

  3. These are beautiful. Good luck with future screen printing.

  4. You never fail to amaze me with the lovely fabric you print! Looking forward to seeing all you do with screen printing in the future. :)


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