Tuesday, April 26, 2016

epp crosses {a very slow progress}

After months of not being in a mood for epp, I finally started making progress on my very neglected plus pillow.

Turns out, I have this love - hate relationship with epp. There are times when I absolutely love wrapping fabric around paper templates and using teeny tiny stitches to piece the blocks together. And then, out of nowhere, I suddenly get tired of it all, pack the projects and supplies away and shove them in the darkest corner of my closet, only to find them there months later and fall in love with epp all over again.

This time, however, I decided to give glue basting a try. I must admit, I was quite skeptical at first. I actually considered it sort of cheating to use glue instead of thread and needle to baste the shapes (I know, completely unnecessary and snobbish thinking) :).

Now that I've tried it though, I'm a convert (I used both glue sticks shown in the picture above and I like them both equally). Glue makes basting go so much quicker, and I absolutely love the beautifully crisp edges I get.

Let's just hope I'll be loving epp long enough to finish this pillow at last.

Here's a link to a free template in case you'd like to give these unique pluses designed by Mollie of Wild Olive a try.



  1. I dug my EPP out today too! keep plugging, I love the look of your plusses

  2. I'm so glad you've picked up this project again as I've wondered what you made of it. It was refreshing to see the new EPP shape; I was really taken with what you'd done. I love the Maze and Vale fabrics. Keep glueing and stitching! I hope we'll see your finished project soon!

  3. I completely understand loving hand stitching one minute and tossing it in the corner the next. Sometimes it just seems too tedious, but in the end, you can't help but love it a little! 😊

  4. So understand took me 15 years to finish a grandmother's flower garden

  5. So understand took me 15 years to finish a grandmother's flower garden

  6. I know what you mean ... I didn't even want to try epp until someone told me that I could glue baste - then I was off and running!

  7. Yep... I'm a glue baste convert too but there is a fine line between too tight and leaving a good edge for stitching!!:)

    I have fabric and these plus papers in a little zippy bag but just haven't started yet because I got sucked into the Glorious Hexagon sew along!

    Now where is that zippy bag?!;)

  8. The first time I saw this project of yours, I knew I had to make some EPP Plus' too! They were too perfect and fun not too! I've tried the glue basting and for most projects it works great! Keep going...I love where your are going!

  9. How do you join the pieces together? Are they stitched by machine? This is adorable.


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