super soft quilted blanket

Remember that pretty stack of fabrics I showed you in my last post? Yep, I turned it into this super, super soft, squishy, and beautifully warm quilted blanket over the weekend.

It was such a quick and satisfying sew. I started by cutting my fabric into 10" squares, arranged in a 6 x 7 layout. I'm sure you can imagine how fast a quilt top like that came together :).

My daughter wanted this to be a soft and warm blanket, so we decided to go with a 3/4" high loft polyester batting and Luxe Fleece (which is thicker and feels more luxurious than your regular fleece) for backing.

 I followed my tutorial for making a quilted comforter to join all the layers together. I then used perle cotton #8 to stitch all the way around the perimeter of the blanket, and then I tied it using white yarn I had on hand. I love these little ties, they are such a fun, cozy addition to this pile of softness.

Kiki has been "testing" the blanket ever since I finished it. Can you tell she approves, and probably thinks I made it just for her? :). More importantly though, my daughter loves how it turned out and has already whisked it away to keep in her room.

A quick note before I go: I made a mistake of not pre-washing cotton fabric which caused the top to shrink during final wash and thus the backing sags a little. Which is really not such a huge deal, but next time, if I were to combine cotton top with polyester backing, I'd definitely pre-wash my fabric.

Thanks for stopping by, friends. Svetlana