squishy goodness

I made this super soft and squishy baby blanket the other day. It was a quick project, just simple 6" squares in pretty girly fabrics randomly stitched together. Pure joy, I'm telling you :).

I used polyester high loft batting to make it extra poofy ...

...and simple stitch all the way around the perimeter and turn right side out through the hole method (proper tutorial here) to finish it off without any need for binding.

I hand quilted it using perle cotton #8. I even hand stitched the opening closed using same big stitches and I absolutely love how it looks.

And, after seeing this comfy little blanket my oldest daughter asked for one of her own, which I'm more than happy to make, of course. She even chose her fabrics already. I think they'll make a stunning blanket.

Have a lovely day, everyone. And thanks for stopping by. Svetlana