sewing room re-shuffle

My sewing room has been a sort of disaster zone for a few weeks now. There were piles of fabric, paperwork, tons of wips, toys (cats' as well as children's), plus tons of other miscellaneous items all "on display" everywhere. Madness, I'm telling you. Especially since my brain totally shuts down when it's surrounded with clutter. No wonder I had such a hard time getting any work done.
So, on Friday night I decided it was finally time to do some major clean up. And then I decided the whole room needed a complete redo. Please tell me I'm not the only one who starts by folding fabrics and ends up moving furniture around :).

I would lie if I didn't tell you I'm absolutely in love with the way it all turned out though. Yay, don't you just love it when your crazy spontaneous ideas really work?

This is what my room looked like last year. Quite a change, isn't it? I've since painted the walls, added more furniture, and toned down all the patchwork-y craziness, but until this weekend I pretty much kept the same layout of the room.

My cutting table now lives by the window and I added a new cabinet in its original place. The new cabinet is full of my screen printing supplies and was a much needed addition to my happy place :). I've also changed the orientation of my table - I think this one change itself made the biggest impact to the whole room.

My fabric cabinets stayed in their original spot (across from all the windows) as they are a perfect fit for the largest wall in the room. 

The room would not be complete without at least one of my furry sidekicks, of course. 
I think I'm ready to tackle some serious sewing now. You know where I'll be if you need me :). 

Talk to you soon, friends. Svetlana