quilted wall art

I've wanted to make some sort of quilted wall art for our living for ages now. I was hoping to make something simple and modern, with minimal piecing and solid fabrics only. Something like this absolutely stunning quilt by Nicole or these showstoppers by Luise Gray. 

Truth is though, I had no good ideas of my own. And then I came across this tutorial 
which I absolutely loved. So, I decided to shamelessly copy this masterpiece by Ethan Cook (I am hoping to eventually swap it for my own idea but for now it will have to do) :) and got to work.

I pieced, and quilted, and quite dreaded the idea of having to buy wood, stain it, cut it, and assemble my own frame, when I suddenly realized I had a large picture frame in the basement. And, wouldn't you know it? It was a perfect size. So, I removed the glass, wrapped quilted patchwork around the board, popped it back in, and I was done.

Now, I will admit, I do like the wood frame better, but I decided to be realistic and enjoy it just the way it is :).

Wishing you all a super lovely day, friends. Svetlana