black and white

I've been a fan of bold black and white projects for quite some time. So yesterday, after spotting this super lovely print on Pinterest I decided a black and white Christmas tree pillow was a must :).

I used this ruler to cut my triangles and this technique to piece them all together. And, my triangles were cut 3.5" tall. I sort of winged the whole thing and cut fabric as I went so I'm even more pleased with how it turned out.

 I used Time Warp bark cloth for the backing. It's quite sturdy and makes for a wonderful pillow backing without having to use any kind of interfacing. And, I once again installed an invisible zipper. I love how quick and super polished these are.

I continued with my black and white theme as I practiced line drawing. Doesn't this look like such a good calming exercise? I'm really glad I watched Basic Line Drawing class on Creative Bug, I learned so much. I think I might try to turn this drawing into a fabric print. First I have to figure out how to properly prepare the screens, though :).

And, speaking of fabric, this new design I worked on was totally inspired by both the pillow and my sketchbook line drawing. Don't you just love when things work in harmony like that? 

What have you been up to this weekend? Any new skills you're learning? I'd love to know.