Hello, happy Monday to you all.

I had some super fun, absolutely the best, scrap play time over the weekend :). And, I even discovered something (which I probably knew for quite some time but on Friday night it finally clicked). I really, really like using my scraps for improv piecing. What a discovery, right? I realized I can't just reach into my stash, pull half yard cuts of fabric and simply chop off random pieces of fabric. But, to have some improv fun, one needs random pieces of fabric and that's why I love my scraps so much.

See? I made all these blocks on Friday night, pulling the scraps out of the basket and piecing them into these random sized, random shaped blocks. I did have a certain color palette in mind, so not all scraps got to come out and play, of course :).

And then I used solid scraps to fill in the gaps. Because, once again, it's hard for me to be chopping random pieces off perfectly good yardage.

I think there's certain freedom that comes from using scraps. Because, really, they are just scraps so if things don't work out, well at least I had some fun along the way. No pretty new fabric got harmed :).

Hope you all have a scrappy, happy week.

I'll be adding some borders to my patchwork, digging through my scraps, of course. Svetlana