mesh beach bag

I've been meaning to make myself a beach bag all summer long but somehow it never got to the top of my list, until now that is. We still have one week of summer break left so I totally count it as a success :).

What really held me back, I think, was that I didn't come across a beach bag I really, really wanted to make. And then, a few days back, I came across this super interesting beach bag made out of window mesh. Yes, you heard right. A bag made out of that mesh thingy that keeps bugs from coming into our houses.

And, there was a free tutorial on how to make this bag. So, of course I had to drop everything, rush to hardware store to buy me some window mesh (I bought this one and it worked great), and start making the bag.

This is such a perfect bag for a sandy beach. I followed the original tutorial and covered all the raw edges in binding and added a fabric covered bottom to help the bag hold its shape. I also added a zipper pouch pocket which I made considerably bigger than suggested as I wanted to make sure my keys, phone, and wallet fit into it.

I do love how unique this bag is. Super fun, isn't it? Who would have thought a window mesh would make such a stylish beach bag?

Good thing we have plans to go to the beach soon :).

Thanks for reading. Svetlana