Monday, August 3, 2015

creative maker supply case

When Sara (Sew Sweetness) showed a few pictures of her newest pattern for Creative Maker Supply Case a few weeks back, I knew I had to get my hands on it right away. My middle daughter was about to go to camp (no electronics or phones allowed, writing letters was going to be the only means of communication) so I knew this case would be perfect for her letter writing supplies.

I made a small size of the case and absolutely loved how it all came together. I was originally planning on making a larger size but the longest zipper at my Joann store fit the small size only so the small size it is :). Plus, there's always next time. I do hope to give this pattern a try again.

I like that mesh pocket so much, it's perfect to hold adorable stationery. And then there are these clever elastic pen holders, ♥♥♥. This case reminds me of school supply cases I used to have when growing up. Funny how one can get nostalgic over a simple pen case :).

All in all, this was a super fun and well written pattern (you can buy it here) and both my daughter and I adore the finished case. Now just to wait for her letters to arrive. I hope we'll receive one today. Fingers crossed :).

Have a super lovely day, friends. Svetlana


  1. I had an instant flashback to the first letter I got back from camp which I have tucked away: "Camp sucks, counselors suck, tents suck, canoes suck. I want to come home!" That Girl Scout went on to be a camper for 10 years and a counselor for 5 years after that. :-)

  2. I used to love writing letters, I miss it! So nice that your daughter has such a beautiful writing case to motivate her. Does the mesh have a special name? It's very hard to get hold of here. Jxo

  3. I wrote letters to my husband (then boyfriend/fiance) while away at college. It was so much fun, I loved it more than any texting or facebooking we did! :) I love this little case, that mesh pocket is such a cool idea. And I love that the cat theme continues! Hahaha

  4. Nice finish! Hope it encourages some letter writing.

  5. That looks fab, I'm off to bookmark the pattern for maybe buying when I have a reason to make one!

  6. Your daughter will get so much joy using this kit ... as will you when you receive her letters :)

  7. Maddie @badassquilter (I think) had a great zipper hack. You need a 36" zip? Use two 18" zips and have them meet in the middle. I have plans to use that info to make a large one of these cases...... When my to do list allows. 😕

    1. What a great idea, Ann. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely check it out.


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