Yesterday was yet another one of those horribly gloomy, rainy, and gray days. So I decided since we couldn't go outside, I might as well sew and make myself some new pincushions. Nothing fancy, mind you, I was going mostly a utilitarian route (with the exception of kitty embroidery and a little bit of hand quilting). :)

They were quick to make and in no time at all I had these three new pincuhions. I like how simple they are, and sturdy. So wonderfully sturdy!!!

I used to stuff my pincushions with fiberfill which made them nicely shaped and puffy, but super light. Not a good feature for a pincushions since many times it meant I had to use two hands to take my pins out (one to hold the pincushion in place and one to pull the pin out). Seriously, who has time for that ?!?!

This block-y pincushion is my favorite. I used some linen scraps to make it and adhered fusible fleece to the top panel and then hand quilted it to give it a little interest and texture. I filled the pincuhion with rice which makes it heavy and stable. I must try crushed walnut shells next time. I think they will be cheaper than rice, and supposedly they sharpen the pins as well :).

Now, I'll be the first one to admit there's nothing fancy about these pincushions. But they are practical and make my sewing time more efficient and enjoyable. And that's what counts, right?

Happy sewing, friends. Svetlana