Tuesday, June 23, 2015

new pdf patterns

Hello friends, 

I'm super happy to introduce two new patterns to you today.

First is this super sweet triangular Little Pyramid Pouch. It's fully lined and comes in two sizes:
small - 4.5" wide x  4" tall x 5" deep on the bottom
large - 6.5" wide x 6" tall x 7" deep on the bottom.

I love its adorable shape and I'm especially glad that after many, many tries I finally figured out how to make it fully lined, no raw edges or even binding needed :) Small size uses a 4" zipper and is perfect for a coin pouch.

Larger pouch uses a 6" zipper and it's just the right size to keep some hand sewing supplies in. Or, as my oldest daughter says, it can function as a rich person's coin pouch :).

♥ ♥ ♥

Foldover Pouch is my second pattern for today. Again, it comes in two super handy sizes:
small - 3.5" tall x 5.5" wide when closed
large - 4.75" tall x 7.5" wide when closed.

They can both be very easily made into a wristlet (just follow this simple tutorial on how to make a wrist strap for your pouch).

I love both of these pouches and I'm definitely planning on making more as I think they will make great quick birthday presents for many of my kids' friends.

Both of these instant download patterns are available for purchase either individually at $7.00 each, or you can buy both of these patterns at once for a special bundle price of $11.00 (just make sure you chose the correct option before you check out) by clicking on the links below or by going to my etsy shop.

buy this pattern       buy this pattern      buy these patterns

Happy sewing! Svetlana


  1. Wow! These are super cute! And so professionally finished! I know they will sell like hot cakes!! Jxo

  2. Sew adorable, but where do you find those little zippers?

  3. Very nice! I especially love the foldover one!

  4. I love the triangular pouch, those are too cute! :)

  5. Once again your fabric choices are spot on!:) Bought them both!!

    I also cut out over 200 little house templates for a Plus block...enabler!!:)

  6. There is a great tutorial on the triangle pouch from crafty Gemini https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXZ6BTEnPE4 might be helpful! I have made a ton of these for little girl gifts.

  7. Oh I love your daughters description!! The triangle pouches are amazing, but I so love the fold over pouches!!

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