Friday, May 8, 2015

caravan zipper pouch

Anna's newest Caravan zipper pouch has been on my to do list for some time now. I bought a pattern a while back and I was saving it for when I wanted to take a little break from all the things that needed to be done and simply sew with no specific purpose in mind :). And today seemed like a perfect day to do just that.

I kept the exterior of the pouch quite low key (a combination of text quilting cotton + yarn dyed linen) but decided the pouch needed a little pop of color so I used this bright yellow fabric for the lining. And a metal zipper, of course. I simply can't get enough of metal zippers these days.

It's a pretty big pouch, perfect for my growing collection of snaps, setting tools, and pliers. Ever since I started this serious obsession with pouches and bags the amount of tools, snaps, clasps, ... I now own has multiplied tremendously. Which is not such a bad thing, really, since this justifies making yet more pouches to hold all the stuff :).

This pattern is well written and easy to follow and I would very highly recommend you give it a try. The only changes I made was to add interfacing to lining as well as exterior panels and I added a little ribbon tab to the side. Also, I used 30wt thread for topstitching.

And now it's back to laundry and getting some dinner done :).

Talk to you soon. Svetlana

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  1. I love all the bags you make, whether they are your pattern or somebody else's. I love the low-key outside and bright yellow inside, it's a great match! :)

    1. thank you so much Jennifer. I really appreciate all your sweet comments. And just so you know, I can't respond to you directly through email as you are a non-reply commenter :(

  2. What type of needle do you use to sew zippers?

  3. Another wonderful bag, like the bright lining very much.

  4. Svetlana, everything you do is so perfect! This is no exception! I love your fabric combinations- sometimes ones I would never have considered- but you make them look so wonderful! I forgot I have this pattern- I now have a renewed desire to make it this weekend!

  5. Once again..... Love it :) Every pouch you make makes me want to get into the pouch making mode. I really have not done any sad to say. Who doesn't need a sweet pouch in their life ??? Do you celebrate Mother's day where you live? Yes or no.... Happy Mother's day to you :) I know you take sweet care of each little peep. Janita

  6. Nadherny vysledek, krasne si zkombinovala latky, Svetlanko!

  7. Super cute and I love that they are so pretty and useful! Lovely little pouch!

  8. What a great pouch! I love that you used a red zipper and the yellow contrast lining!! I think I will be trying this pattern! Have a great weekend!!

  9. Oh I just love practical and stylish together! Jxo

  10. Very nice! I am still scared of zippers..but you made it look worth trying to do it...

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