Tuesday, March 24, 2015

lola pouch {a chubby version}

I don't usually carry my camera with me, but when I do, I have this bad habit of just tossing it in my purse and off I go on my merry way :). I know, horrible idea, isn't it? So last night I decided it was time I changed that and made a pouch specifically for my camera.

I came up with this "chubby version" of my Lola pouch. I did a few changes to the original pattern as I wanted this pouch to snugly fit my camera as well as provide plenty of protection.

I used Essex linen and Maker quilting cotton (I fused SF101 to its wrong side to make it more sturdy) for the exterior of the pouch. I also added store bought piping to add a little bit more interest and color. I love how simple additions like that add a lot of character to finished projects.

Now, since this pouch's main purpose is to protect my camera, I used Soft and Stable instead of my usual fusible fleece between exterior and lining. Works like a charm, such squishy perfection. Oh, and I used super soft AMH flannel for lining (I fused SF101 to its wrong side as well). Yes, lots and lots of layers in this little pouch.

I decided to finish zipper binding by hand as the thickness of layers and smaller size of the pouch made it a quite tricky to do nicely even machine top stitching.

In case you were wondering about the scale, here's my chubby pouch side by side with both small and large original versions of  Lola pouch.

I so enjoy this kind of quick and simple, yet very useful projects. And my camera will finally have a  safe and cozy place to rest while we're out and about :).



  1. Oh my goodness!! I love it! I've just ordered some of that Maker print, can't wait to use it. Love the hand stitches too!

  2. super cute! I love that Maker print + your hand stitching - nice!

  3. Cute! Now your camera has a safe and cute place to be carried :)

  4. I had to look it up in the dictionary: your binding by hand is "the icing on the cake"!
    Have a nice day,
    Kathrin :-)

  5. Love this variation!
    Made another one today too xxx

  6. This is a great idea! I love Chubby Lola! I do the same with my camera - my bad! Jxo

  7. Great idea, Svetlana! I'm guilty of tossing my camera in my bag too. Your pouch is both cute and practical!

  8. The Lola pouch is my favorite to make these days ~ I've got one ready to sew this morning! Love the idea of padding it up for my camera ~ love yours!

  9. Replies
    1. yes, you can buy Lola pouch pattern at my etsy store (right sidebar of my blog has a link)

  10. I love this. Did you make it for a DSLR camera or for a smaller pocket camera? I have the Lola pattern and made the first pouch last weekend - a small size. I am off to buy soft n stable now so I can make one of these but I was curious about the modifications you made - are you able to share those with us (in a way that doesn't give away your Lola pattern itself)? For example, how much extra did you box the corner that is chubbier? Thanks!

  11. Cute bag :) Soft and Stable is a great use for camera protection!


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