on-the-go knitting bag

I mentioned a while back how much I enjoy knitting. I don't produce anything fancy, mostly just super simple socks using the same pattern over and over (which is really strange since I hate repeating the same quilt pattern), but it's fun and relaxing so I keep doing it. 
Also, it's a great portable project and I bring my knitting when I take my kids to their activities. So, when I spotted this free tutorial for crochet on the go bag I knew it would be perfect for my knitting too.

I raided my stash and in the name of taming things down decided to use this lovely linen fabric for the exterior and Doe quilting cotton for the lining.

I made a few changes to the original design - I skipped the pocket and I followed this tutorial for making my bag fully lined with no exposed seams as they tend to drive me crazy.

Here's what the bag looks like when in use, please don't pay much attention to how my girl (not too happy about having to be a model) is holding the knitting needles :).

I didn't use any interfacing but I'm thinking one layer of SF101 might be a good way to go next time.

How about you? Do you like to craft on the go? Do tell.